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Season 1 DVD Survivors: According to Dyer, Monroe became "virtually a household name for sex" in the s and "her image has to be situated in the flux of ideas about morality and sexuality that characterised the fifties in America", such as Freudian ideas about sex, the Kinsey report , and Betty Friedan 's The Feminine Mystique IIRC, the Tyrone Power scat rumour was mentioned in the original "Hollywood Babylon" book, but was deleted before the book was published. It was just the public that they had to be careful with this fact. Michael Hoffman. The Misfits ".

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You had to climb up a ladder to get there. We had a young around 21 sound guy named Jens that assisted Drew. I arrived from New York and climbed up to introduce myself. The comedienne Judy Tenuta was performing. The audience was overwhelmingly male and gay. I shook Jens hand and stood next to him. I pressed closer and closer, staring straight ahead as I held his hand. I squeezed it and rubbed my fingers against his palm.

Jens looked terrified and suddenly jumped straight up in the air and fell down. Only then did I inform him it was a joke. It was Buster's birthday and the band had me hire a stripper to bring out a cake topless in the middle of their set. After the show started the stripper called to say she was making too much money at a bachelor party and would be late. I had 20 minutes to find a replacement so I called an escort agency.

The hooker showed up with 5 minutes to spare. I took her to my office. The bad news is to have to deliver a cake to Buster in front of people in your underwear. So there I was, demonstrating to a hooker how to undress. Thank God I went to an Ivy League college. She delivered the cake in her bra and panties.

It's that kind of place. Always fun whether doing a set or listening to someone else. The Talkhouse is one of the great joints. Ok well we can't tell any stories about late night shenanigans at the club without getting someone in trouble - not to mention everyone must have a bunch of those stories so they probably would not be unique.

It's the hard working late night bands that sweat like they're working the barbecue on a degree day that keep the club HOT! PS - I don't know if this counts but nothing trumps hanging out with Nick Kraus in Mexico with him in one of my wifes dresses so he could get free drinks at ladies night!!!

In the rush to get off the stage, I left my Roland Guitar Synth behind.

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Weeks go by, Christmas and New Years came and went. I went to Europe and had no gigs when I got back. Fast forward to today, Jan. Panicked, I rack my brain and try to remember when the last time I played with it. I call and leave a message with Mike Maz, stop by the Talkhouse while Phil is opening up, look around but don't see it, go home and break the news to my wife that I've lost my synth.

We are sad. I get a text back from Mike saying he's seen a black Roland bag sitting near the drum wedge for the last few weeks. I race back, look near the drums where he said he'd seen it. No Synth. The drummer, Sean Rafferty who's there for the Wed night jam asks what I'm looking for, I tell him and low and behold, he'd taken the bag and stored it next to the sound board.

Any other place and that shit would have been gone! I love the Talkhouse!!!! I have a sizable ding on my Guild D, visible on the front lower corner of the bout. I was upstairs in the dressing room at the Steven Talkhouse, in the hallway playing guitar and getting the voice warmed up before performing, and a doorknob suddenly jumped out and bashed the guitar. I've grown to like this ding, because it happened at the Talkhouse.

I got sizable dings on ME when I was brutally attacked after a gig I played at another wonderful club on Long Island early the morning of July 31, I was very lucky to still BE me when it was done. When my friends organized various medical fundraising benefits, they turned to the Talkhouse first, because it's come to be The Place Where You Have These Things.

Peter and the entire crew did everything a club could possibly do to host the event, and then some. I'll never forget it, and every year I now look forward to giving something back via things like Wounded Warrior efforts and events. This place really IS a church to me, in more than musical ways.

Like a lot of things, I see the Talkhouse in a whole new light now. It's a blessed place. Finally, the Stephen Talkhouse is the only place this could happen: I recently went to see Joe Ely perform with his band, and after the show was done, I had a beer at the bar with Joe. Joe had sat in with the Clash at a good number of those performances.

I mentioned to him that I had been worried for my safety at the show I attended. That's how crazy it all was. He said, "I believe it. I was backstage and I was worried for MY safety! Peter, I'll tell you later. One last funny bit. I was on a gig with The Los Blaggards at the Talkhouse. I was nursing a cold and had been "maintaining" with Robitussin all day, then went to the gig.

In the dressing room, I thought it would be a good idea to slam two cups of coffee before going on. Bad move. It felt like I was floating a foot off the stage while under the impression that every song's tempo was too slow. Good thing the effect wore off by the end of the first set.

It was nasty. The kindness and support that Peter and the staff have always shown me and my band…. Inda inviting me to host one of the In The round shows while Nancy was on leave was a great thrill, and playing with Charles Neville and Terrence Simien, both great influences for years in my music was unforgettable…. But my favorite … was a conversation with Will one night.

He mentioned that he was a baritone horn player and had a trombone at home and that he hadn't played either instrument for some time. Through the conversation I realized that Will had paid dues on these very difficult instruments, and told him I thought it would be a good idea since he had invested so much time in learning the baritone that he should pick up the bone.

I showed up at the club about three weeks later and my first question to Will was if he had taken the axe out of it's case. That means I have sweat more, broken more strings and basically seen more crazy shit than the rest of my boobied kind. I should have known that playing the Talkhouse for the closing minutes of would not have been normal.

There is no way Peter Honerkamp would have just settled for a good band, dressed up bartenders and some silver balloons. Like some derelict version of a John Waters play there must be strippers and a dwarf. Make that a confused stripper and a nasty dwarf. Somewhere in the back of Peters head he came up with the idea of having Coco the Stripper and Hector the dwarf should do a reenactment of "Lady Godiva" after the first set of music that night.

What Peter had NOT foreseen was the look on all of the dressed up ladies who were at the Talkhouse to celebrate a monumental passing of time. Everyone was trying to do something spectacular to ring in so it was with a stunned confusion that these patrons in their finest spangled dresses and tuxedos watched a well endowed stripper, complete with a long, painfully fake blond wig, get chased back and fourth on a 16 foot stage by a midget dressed up as a jester.

The men in the crowd enjoyed it but couldn't really show their approval for fear of being smacked on the head by their girlfriends and wives. Don't catch me! The band stood side stage frozen in disbelief. We had to follow this? It was worse than Larry doing a split with a pickle in his pocket. The story, unfortunately, does not end there.

Coco and Hector returned upstairs where I was sitting on the couch working out my second set. I, along with every other band leader in the world, had to make sure that Prince's Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's was being played as we headed into the final seconds of and into to the bright and spanky year of I would bet good money that the sonic residue of 2 millions live bands playing on that very night is still orbiting the heavenly spheres of our solar system in a dysfunctional cacophonous ring.

I digress. Where was I…. On the couch. With my set list. That was when Hector came up to me and in a voice that can only be described as Angry Munchkin Lollipop Kid … said, "Hey, Just so you know, I'll be doing the countdown. Coco chimed in. Marilyn Monroe and cookie dough and little disney bluebirds shot from her mouth.

I'mmm supposed to do it. In a fake long blond wig and smeared mascara. I'm doing it. End of story. Have I offended you yet? I don't care. Because reality is offensive and this, as I was heading into the 21st century, was my reality. People had traveled the globe to be in Paris, the top of Kilimanjaro, maybe an African Safari or deep in a Costa Rican jungle for this sacred night.

The turn of the century. I'm going to be upstairs in the Talkhouse, on a semen covered couch arguing with a stripper and a dwarf. What did you do? Back to the story. I told the stripper no. I told the Dwarf no and neither one was pleased. I will be onstage playing and if you'd like to join me that is fine but otherwise it's not happening.

This is not really happening. It is. We hit the stage. Everyone, it seemed, was dressed to the nines and drunk. A solid crowd for sure. Party hats were on and there was a nonstop toot coming from all directions for the scattered party horns that were laid on the tables and the bar. Honks were going off in all directions and glitter silver glitter kept getting thrown admidst the crowd.

The clock was ticking but as anyone who has ever played the Talkhouse knows… the clock on the wall is fast by about 10 minutes. This set up a dilemma as everyone was looking at that clock but it was wrong. I couldn't fight it. The pressure was on. The crowd thought it was the last five minutes and started going crazy.

I cued and had no idea where the countdown was at this point. The clock was saying midnight, people were screaming but then Vega figured out that clock was fast and was NOW screaming "NO! You have 10 more minutes! Complete with an impromptu white girl rap to extend the song. This, for the record, is how the millinium was ushered in at my favorite bar, The Stephen Talkhouse.

Like opening season way back. My best friend Tracey has a stepfather named Huck and he used to own a bar named Snuggler's Cove. That one simple fact gave us carte blanche entry to the Talkhouse at a very early age. When ever we went there Tracey would wear her bright red lipstick and all the bartenders knew her name. I was in awe. I had met her while working as a waitress at the Clam Bar on the Napeague stretch.

Our days were filled with shucking corn, cleaning endless pounds of mussels and prepping cole slaw in the back room on worn blanks by the freezers. After mopping out the restaurant with the whole crew we'd pull a veritable Fred Flintstone, and be one step short of sliding down a brontosaurus tail.

We'd rush home, shower, eat and head out to the Talkhouse. Somewhere after midnight we would dance till we couldn't breath and then go outside where Tracey would smoke and we would get hit on by what seemed like really old men. I think they were in their early thirties.

After a quick break we would head back in. My dancing spot was a bench on the stage right. It had a window behind it with grey wood lattice covering it, presumably so you wouldn't fall through the window and kill yourself while shaking your ass. Nothing kills a rock show like somebody with a window pane through their forehead, unless you're a Mini Kiss Cover Band but that's another story entirely.

Anyway, that one window with the lattice was the air conditioning back then. I mean that. With my white go go boots firmly planted on the bench and I would dance my sweet little nectarine hips till I had sweaty bangs and smeared mascara. I can still remember it being 4 am in the morning and Klyph playing Not Fade Away while the water glistened and dripped from the ceilings, from the pipes, and from the wires hanging from walls.

It was magical. When Klyph took a solo he walked to the front of the stage and that was my cue to hop off of my perch and run lean in on the monitor speakers from the dance floor. I could jam my face up into his guitar which was perfectly placed swinging between his two legs like a giant electronic dick with strings. A feeling of lusty rock and roll would wash over me.

I remember feeling so completely overwhelmed by the joy and the complete sexual rush the music gave me. Beyond limits. I craved it and since it was coming out of Klyph, this sound, this voice, these solos… I also craved him. But he was a married man and if you ever saw his wife Kelly you realized why he never strayed.

How could I deal with this rush? How to deal with these emotions I was feeling that took over my whole body so completely? I knew what I had to do and that was quite simply: It was three years still in the making but the seed had been planted by my inability to sleep with Klyph so thank you Klyph for being married in that time otherwise I would have just been just another groupie and hanging out with Roxanne.

That's a big statement considering at the time I was still a virgin. So off I went after summer back to college overseas. I graduated college early because it was either graduate early or drop out so I just crammed courses for three years and then with a diploma in my hand headed back to the East End. I came back that winter with only three months of playing under my belt.

Those were real winters, the kind when nobody lived here and 10 point bucks walked down main street on snowy nights. I chose the latter. Within about a week I met a producer. A very drunk, bald producer. He wanted to work with me and filled my head with grandeur. Suddenly I was a musician. I looked myself in the mirror and started singing into my hair brush and dreamed of music videos and rivaling Alanis Morrisette.

I kept telling myself that I was a singer songwriter. It felt good. It felt right. I loved playing and singing so much that I there was a total fearlessness. I didn't care if anyone liked my music or my voice. I was young and confident, considering I could barely play. I went about it in an academic fashion. I figured if I was truly going to be a singer songwriter that I should probably start checking out who my competition was.

For real. The bald producer had convinced me that I had the goods to make it so I was officially leaving behind a potential advertising career and time in running restaurants. I was going for the brass ring. So on that very day I got dressed up and headed down to the Talkhouse. I walked up to the door and randomly ask, "Who's playing tonight?

He had one eye on me and the other cocked down on some crack in the outside planks leading up to the door. People wondered if he had been born with his eyes crossed like that or if they were a by product from too much blow. Either way his blank jagged stare could scared the shit out of you on any given occasion.

Nice guy but he wasn't called Crazy Eddie because he sold TV's for a living. He was Crazy Eddie because at any moment he could be ripping your head off like a wild orangoutang. He had the perfect look for a doorman cause you just don't want to mess with him. So I asked him who was playing and he replied, "Some chick named Joan Osborne.

She's really good and has great tits". I smirked a flat chested smile and thought. I'm on this. Lets see what she's got. By the third song I was uncontrollably crying and not because I felt particularly touched. I felt completely and utterly fucked. I was in disbelief. THIS was my competition? If this girl hadn't made it how the hell was I ever going to even have a chance at this?

I was smoking Joe Fraizer cold on the floor. She was Ali laughing on the mic with her enormous swinging jugs. Of course I got up off the floor at some point, dusted my pants and kept going. By we had our little open mic scene. Gene Hamilton, Tommy Lagrassa, Penny. Songs about Virgil, Squid and wanting you to Believe in Me. I think James is still telling me that and it sucks that he was right.

New to songwriting the Tuesday night Open Mic was my chance to try out songs. Nick Krauss had long wavy hair that went down past his shoulders. He took me aside one night by the back bathrooms to tell me he thought I was really good. I just want you to know I think you're really talented. I see a lot of really bad singers here and you're actually good.

I actually believed he wasn't hitting on me and he actually thought I was good. I started playing solo shows. Just me and my guitar. Peter gave me slots to push me along, opening for Richie Havens here and John Hiatt there. Then I can put you down for a Friday Night next month?

My new band plays 8 original songs and I say, "Thank you and Goodnight! It's friday night! You can't just play one set! You need to play till 1 am! It's only Get back on!! I had worked hard to get all eight of those songs sounding tight and solid. I was new to this whole band thing.

Nobody had told me about sets and playing the whole night. It was my show. I was the one up there pouring out my heart. I'll give them their five bucks back". His mouth was open. He was stunned. Not quite the answer he expected. He kept his mouth open and shook his head in disbelief. The bar was packed and people were calling him from behind.

He marched back to Larry doing a split in gold shorts and pouring shots into his mouth and spitting them into the air. That was the first time my band ever played a late night gig at the Talkhouse. Peter has always said, "I have the best job on earth. I get to make people happy. I feel the same way. It has been a complete joy and dream realized to throw my fisted microphone over the Talkhouse crowd on countless hot, sweaty Saturday nights.

The crowds never seem to fade. The lines only get longer with each coming year. I would like to think that is because they know when something is right and pure. That they feel it in their blood and want to be a part of something real. Not a fruited up cocktail and neon lights. The Talkhouse has heavy beams and shots of tequila.

Walls that literally talk through the endless photos of those that have played there. It has been a moment in time that we have all been apart of. Sweated through. Laughed, cried and lived admits it's walls. Here is to another 25 years lusty Rock and Roll. Long live the Stephen Talkhouse and everyone who has believed in it's magic. Inocent, even.

A roadside honky-tonk from an old movie. And it looks small from the outside. Yet step inside The Stephen Talkhouse on a summer night and this ramshackle cottage transforms into a cathedral. Intricate caverns of sturdy Long Island timber tempered with the sweat and booze of nearly half a century.

Its steamy innards pulse from heaving crowds of hormonally-charged, alcohol-fueled men and women jockeying for position. Inside, on a summer night, the place feels huge. It feels epic. Calling the Talkhouse an institution feels like an understatement, yet the description fits nonetheless. Though for anyone who has seen the summer Talkhouse crowd operate, that sounds about right.

But above all, institutions endure. And the Talkhouse has endured. I fell in love with the Talkhouse the second I set foot inside it for the first time in the summer of It slid on perfectly, like a worn leather jacket. Nestled in the Hamptons, a region many associate with pretension, velvet ropes, and entitled assholes, the Talkhouse is the perfect antidote. It serves up hedonism with an egalitarian sensibility.

At the Talkhouse, unhealthy and unhelpful divisions of class, race, and age melt away in the sauna-like heat. Certainly, the Talkhouse is a great place to drink. And sure, it can be an efficient meat market for anyone looking to indulge in the delicacies of the flesh. Countless legends have graced its stage since Peter reopened the bar in Relentless workmen that sweat out marathon sets of greatness that send throngs of young men and woman writhing in peyote-like convulsions and Caligulan embrace.

Gladiators, all of them. It never occurred to me that one day, with Hot Lava, I might have the honor to join this pantheon. Man, we loved that place. Practically lived there in the summer. Our act was honed over many epic Talkhouse after-parties at Meeting House no, not that one where Hot Lava would hold court in a kitchen and lead late-night sing-alongs well into the morning.

It was in that kitchen in where Nick Kraus, most certainly hammered, gave us our first break: From that first historic performance—an atrocious acoustic set played in front of a ridiculous Spinal Tap-inspired 7-inch clay volcano—we evolved and matured read: Yes, the same dude who opened Woodstock. On another night, our start time was postponed to make room for Jimmy Buffet, who had decided spur-of-the-moment to head in from Montauk and crank through nearly every song in his endless catalog.

How far we had come, indeed. To this day, the Talkhouse remains—without question—our favorite venue to play. To perform there on a summer night is to taste rock stardom in no uncertain terms. The energy that encircles the room defies description. With no high stage or other real separation between audience and band, it is impossible not to connect.

With such proximity, the feedback loop is immediate. And powerful. The stuff of dreams. By the end, Hot Lava has left it all onstage and the audience, for its part, has done the same—leaving everything on the dance floor: Just another Saturday night at the Talkhouse. It must also be said that, for Hot Lava, our love of the Talkhouse has much to do with the good people who make it all happen, working its doors, bars, and hallways.

Throughout our six-year residency, our biggest supporters have been the ladies and gentlemen of the Talkhouse staff who have treated us like one of the family, taken care of our friends and family, and shared drinks with us during many late nights. We are lucky to call them friends. They offer a reason to shed a tear at the end of each summer and a reason to smile at the end of every spring.

It is to these unsung heroes, and the institution of which they are guardians, that we dedicate our performances. Well…and maybe to that hot chick in the crop shirt in the front row. Perhaps he might complain about the long line, and maybe the steep cover, but upon entering this modern-day sweat lodge, my guess is he would feel at home. I can picture him bellying up to the bar and ordering a whiskey, surveying the spectacle around him.

I would like to think that he might, at some point, venture up towards the front of the stage to catch a bit of Hot Lava…a locally-grown cover band who, at this magical honky-tonk at the far end of Long Island, in front of a looming portrait of a mostly forgotten Native American, erupts from its humble beginnings and, for a night, transforms into the greatest band on Earth.

I first want to thank you so much for the opportunity to play the great Talkhouse I know I sound clzy here but from me heart tis true We make the trip from Nassau county whenever we can. LOVE the setting and of course the wide variety of artists. One night kind of stood out from the others. Went to see Dr John which was amazing in itself. Jimmy Buffett, Jane Buffett.

Richard Gere and Carrie Gere showed up. Ahhh the pecking order of life Thanks again for keeping the place as is With a few updates I'm told by Joe Lombardi , and for providing amazing times in the past and I'm sure the future. But when Glenn took the stage, the magic began. Just the man, the guitar and his fans.

It was wonderfully intimate, which has always been my favorite part of any performance at the Talkhouse. But this show had special magic. When Glenn needed backing vocals on a few tunes, the audience spontaneously and collectively filled in. Also, Glenn invited audience members to sing duets with him-for true fans this was a dream come true! We were cheering everyone on when a sudden thunderstorm kicked up and knocked the power out.

I never imagined it could be so dark in there! The crew pulled out extra candles and Glenn unplugged his acoustic guitar from the amp and stepped into the audience and started taking requests. He did this until the power was restored and he plugged in his unplugged show. For this Squeeze fan, this special performance was sublime, and it could not have happened anywhere but the Stephen Talkhouse.

On another night, he led us out into the street-Montauk Highway in Amagansett-how did we not get run over?! When he added a band to the act, I loved how they would bring a set of bongos into the crowd and stand at the bar for a song or two. These were such rousing, rowdy times! As wonderful as those shows were, nothing will top the Lights Out performance Glenn gave in his first solo appearance there.

Thank you for all the great times! I look forward to many more! Was pretty anti-climactic when the power did come back on, seems like the audience wanted it to stay off as I had never seen such an intimate venue become "intimate-er". It's our favorite music venue, by far spit included. Our boys had by then seen Jimmy at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival and know how to act as attentive audience members.

The show was great and became even more personal when Jimmy Dale's son joined him onstage to perform a couple of numbers, including Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key, words by Woody Guthrie, set to music by Billy Bragg and members of St. Louis' own Wilco. I explained to my sons, after their numerous trips to the men's room, the photo on the wall of a group of naked women walking down a New York City Street was art, as the otherwise unclothed gals were wearing very nice footwear, showing independence and empowerment.

You never know who might turn up to listen to a favorite performer and then join in for an impromptu jam -- McCartney, Joel, Ocasek, Hot Tuna, etc. Half Magic 4. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Credited cast: Peter Brock Sofia Gonzalez Tightrope Walker Chloe Graham Young Honey Heather Graham Women's Empowerment Groupie Jamal Hammadi Steve Evans Jesse Heiman Edit Storyline Explores themes of female empowerment through sex, work, and friendship.

Getting ahead never felt so good. When you mention Caesar Romero's claim that Ty was more sexually aggressive with women, than with men, I wonder if he might have meant that Ty 'went after' women, whereas he didn't pursue or 'go after' men. He probably didn't have to.

I wonder if Romero was thinking about Ty's aggressiveness as a romancer or pursuer, rather than his sexual aggressiveness in the bedroom. Romero was said to be one of Ty's lovers, so he'd know how aggressive he was in the bedroom with men, but I wonder how well he'd be able to personally judge Ty's sexual prowess with women.

I was a bit tired when posting earlier as I am now , so I apologize if I wasn't as clear as I could have been. I wish I had the LT book in front of me. I'll try to hunt it down in my library. I recall Lana making some light reference to the 'rumors' about Ty without going into any details. She may have said that she didn't give them much credence, but, iirc, she seemed to indicate that it wouldn't have bothered her if they were true.

In other words, as far as she was concerned, it wouldn't have mattered because, as you quote her, Ty was 'all man' with her, or words to that affect. And you're right, they didn't 'cuddle' as an alternative to sex, and I didn't mean to imply that.

I believe I said that Lana found Ty to be a gentle, affectionate lover who enjoyed cuddling in addition to sex , and that she liked that about him. Perhaps, she was indicating that he liked to cuddle more than many men she knew, who preferred straight-on sex without the gentle affection she got from Ty. Personally, I tend to think she was trying to be polite to his memory in her book.

A highly-social woman like Lana, who'd been around for a while and loved gossip, likely knew the whole story on a big star like Ty. Wasn't Louella Parsons a good friend of hers? Lana likely just chose to forget about the rumors when she and Ty were together. As did Judy Garland, and many, many other lovely ladies. I seem to recall that she, too, indicated she wasn't surprised when she heard the gay rumors.

Any confusion I may have made between Lana's words and Myrna's are entirely unintended, but certainly possible. I hadn't heard the Corrine Calvet story, but I'm surprised to read Ty was chasing her; I believe it, just hadn't heard it. The reason I'm surprised is that I recall that Calvet 'complained' in her own autobio that Ty was one of the few men in Hollywood who didn't try to sleep with her.

She then made some snide reference to the gay rumors, indicating that it was highly likely a man was gay if he didn't show any interest in sleeping with her. This was shortly after the Arce book came out, and CC may have been putting her own spin on those stories to spice up her book. Your story shows that Ty actually had more interest in Corrine than she wanted to reveal.

Now, David claims the story came from the A. Scott Berg book on Hepburn, "Kate Remembered", which I don't own, and don't remember ever reading, but he's very likely correct. I must have picked the story up from there somewhere along the line. It would certainly make more sense, since the IMS book came out while Hepburn was still alive and able to sue; the Berg book came out shortly after her death, as I recall.

In any case, the story does come from Irene Mayer Selznick isn't that the greatest Hollywood name imaginable. Laura Harding. Now it all makes sense. A double-gaiter. I never believed that relationship with Spence was about sex. I don't know what Caesar was referring to, but he was in the confidence of many women, so he may indeed know something of Tyrone's prowess in the bedroom. I figure if Anita Ekberg came coming back for more, it must have been okay.

If you read the Mai Zetterling book, he was quite aggressive, and they had quite a love affair. Zetterling was a very sexually charged woman. Lana as far as I know denied the whole gay thing with Power. And you're right, she probably had heard it and perhaps didn't believe it. Judy Garland knew that he was bisexual and didn't care. She was crazy about him, and he wrote in a letter that he regretted that it didn't work out.

This was a long time ago. There are illegitimate children, but I don't think Judy had one of them, just from reading about her life. He loved that type - foreign! He seems like he was very confident in that regard, and why wouldn't he be. He also was involved in threesomes at times. Interesting guy. That drop a hairpin cracks me up. A friend of mine went on a tour of Dracula with Farley Granger and said "he never dropped a hairpin.

She really disliked her but I don't think they ever met - both Hepburn and Margaret Sullivan were dating the same guy - Leland Hayward. Margaret got pregnant to Leland and so they got married. Hey R that is interesting that you mentioned Tyrone was also interested in three somes because there is a guy on Tyrone Power's message board who claims he grew up in high society.

He said his parents expressed they both wanted to have sex with him. The guy said Tyrone was much more sexual with his father than his mother. BTW, that thread on the message board is gone. I guess they took it off. R, that is interesting you mentioned that about Mryna Loy because in Errol Flynn's autobiography, he asked Linda Christian why did she marry Tyrone who he too referred to as soft.

Those on Tyrone Power's who are fanatical type fans of his got mad when someone brought that up about Errol Flynn's auto and they claim Errol Flynn meant that Tyrone wasn't as masculine, which is stupid! Also the man who brought up that. Here are some comments made by famous people in Hollywood about the claim that Tyrone Power was bisexual.

Billy Wilder said that everyone who worked with Power, men and women, came to love him because he was such charming and good company. Co-star Charles Laughton was gay and Wilder certainly had no problem with such things. Wilder said he never saw any indication whatever that Power was gay. But, he added, "I'm fully aware that if someone doesn't make a pass at me, that doesn't make him a heterosexual.

He may happen to be a homosexual with excellent taste. She was just livid, and said that those people didn't know him, and she did, and they were bascially full of crap. Check this out! This is a tribute to Tyrone Power and there are many pictures I have never seen of him before. Take a look and see what this collection of pictures!

There is this stupid argument on the message broads on IMBD. Its very simple, Carol Burnett said she only did a couple of so movies because she couldn't stand the long periods in between scenes. She said it was grueling because you had to kill time. So on the contrary, what these idiots don't know is that these actors and actresses had a lot of time when they made films to get into all kinds of stuff, especially having sexual affairs.

Just a small correction - very, very few people called the Duke of Windsor "David". It is very hard to believe Scotty would never have called him Eddy or David to his face anyway. I believe the book and the stuff he wrote. For a real glimpse at Tyrone Power at the height of his tyrone powers, would someone cleverer than I youtube link his appearance as the Mystery Guest on What's My Line?

This is not him in a film, this is the real him! I watch that What's My Line every once in a while. I think his personality was devastating and so different from his film persona. I've spent a lot of time on the IMDb message boards. You can't have a post removed just because you don't like it. It has to violate the terms of service. In the case of that "threesome" idiot on the Ty Power message board, he totally backed down on his story.

His story was that he looks so much like Tyrone Power already suspect that it was noted by Linda Darnell. Then he went on to say that his parents had sex with Tyrone Power. Eventually he backed off and started saying he hadn't meant what he wrote. He was lying. That isn't to say Tyrone Power didn't have threesomes, he did, just not with that bozo's parents. Again referring to IMDb, I doubt very much gay lovers were showing up on film sets at studios to have sex during change of camera settings.

Also, I don't know about you, but if I were making a film, having sex in the middle of the day might be good and might be bad depending on whether or not it gave me or sapped me of energy. I think that is a consideration. Sure there are long periods between setups. Is it possible that some people gave interviews, rested, played bridge, did drugs, met with their agents or managers, studied the script, ran lines?

I'm not saying actors didn't have sex at the studio, they did. They also did other things. But it is a long day and an exhausting one. R - I think you can see from the What's My Line clip that Power was soft-spoken and indeed, a very gentle person.

Perhaps that's what Flynn was referring to, perhaps not. A friend of mine way, way back, went to a special screening of a film starring John Hodiak and met Baxter, her husband Hodiak, and Tyrone and Linda after the screening. He liked all of them very much.

What I don't understand is, why didn't the maids, butlers, etc. They knew a lot what was going on in these people's lives. In fact, Lana Turner's daughter, Sheryl Crane,said her nannie took her to the local park to play ,and all of the nannies met at the same park to the kids there to gossip. She said they would gossip about what they encountered at the various households they worked for.

She said the staff knew everything. I read the book Frank Sinatra's butler wrote which is a very balanced account of the butler's life working with Sinatra. R, I recall reading that Tyrone had a sexual fling with a movie extra on the set of Jesse James,and she got pregnant by him. The extra gave the baby boy up for adoption.

She eventually told Tyrone ,and he was very upset. He asked her why didn't she say anything to him? He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars looking for the baby ,but he couldn't find him. Why was it difficult to find the baby with especially with his money? Did his children try to find their half brother? Also, I have read that there has been a very strong claim that Tyrone was the love of Cesar Romero's life?

In Hector Ace's book, he claimed a young man had a sexual affair with Tyrone and the young man was totally in love with him. The young man asked Tyrone if they could have a life together ,and Tyrone Power ignored that suggestion. Later the young guy became a top decorator. However, Hector Ace didn't give the name of the name of the decorator.

Is that story bogus? It sounds true to me. There is the other side of the coin that is annoying. So how the hell could they have totally rule out he wasn't bisexual? Both R and R have very good questions. I was wondering that myself, R So Scotty's claim that he had sex with a lot of famous guys and he names not even a handful? I was curios about Paul Newman?

BTW, my brother knew this guy who did some commercials in the 50's and 60's and he was trying to make it as an actor. The guy told my brother that there was this restaurant across the street from the studios and he met many, many people. He said Randolph Scott was definitely gay. Also, he said Randolph would come into the restaurant and say very effeminately, oooo!

I just worked out and my muscles are so sore. I think modern city people can't imagine Spencer Tracy as gay or bisexual - but all you have to do is go to a really small conservative town and you will see all the ancient layers and covers of the closet. Maybe so. But I doubt that Scotty Bowers was one of the ones "sleeping with him.

Wallace was quite amused by Donahue and he spent a lot of time with her and the Duke. In fact, the Duke was jealous of him! Donahue claimed to have had a four year affair with Wallace. Some people dispute that, because Donahue was such prankster, but it is true that he was a close friend of the couple for several years.

Neither do I. I don't think he was. There's a recent biography of him that would seem to be the definitive bio; intensively researched, it's over a thousand pages long. And nowhere in the book does it state that Tracy was gay or bi, or even rumored to be gay or bi. I think gay rumors have sprouted about him precisely because he was NOT gay.

It always sells books to come up with a startling revelation about a long dead person, even if there's no evidence to support it. R That story about Jesse James is true. It used to be a lot harder for adopted children to find their real parents and vice versa than it is now.

I don't think the girl told Tyrone, I think he probably heard about it. Everybody in Pineville MO knows about it. My friend's mother went to school in San Diego and she sears to this day that a Tyrone Power lookalike was a substitute teacher there, and someone in the class said about my friend's mom she thinks you look like Tyrone Power.

And he said, I have heard that. I don't know. I am adopted. Agewise it was entirely possible, but who knows. I thought in the Arce book the kid who was in love with him took the name Ty and his name was Ty Culhane or something like that and he became a decorator.

I wouldn't have any idea if that story is true. As far as Spencer Tracy, I have no idea what he was. However, I know that he had a big affair with Loretta Young in the early '30s, and she confessed about it to her priest, and he told her she had to give him up, and she said she couldn't. Finally Tracy's boozing got to her, and she wrote him a letter and broke it off.

He had always kept it. Loretta was surprised. Susie said, "Loretta, my father loved two women in his life - my mother and you. What I found strange is that Hepburn wasn't mentioned. I think they were very devoted friends. And I think he probably helped her out with this romance business. R - I think that's what Bowers does in this book.

He names straight people and says they're gay. I don't care who was and who wasn't, it makes me no never mind, but I know that every time a name comes up, there is always someone who says, "I've heard that about so and so. It seems to me that's what Bowers does in this book, he plays into everyone's fantasies by claiming so and so was gay when in fact, so and so probably wasn't.

The other thing is, this Tracy thing plays into my long-held theory. The minute someone is outed in one of these books, the next books that come out have all kinds of stories about that person's gay exploits. I've followed this for a while, and it never fails. I'm not in any way saying some of these people weren't gay or bi. But it's amusing to me that there are x number of Katharine Hepburn bios and then William Mann says she's gay and now Bowers has fixed her up with women, just as an example.

Just curious: And I assume it happened before her affair with Clark Gable? Loretta's affair with Tracy was before her affair with Clark Gable and it was while he was married to Louise, since they got married in and this was the early '30s. Loretta didn't marry Tracy because he was already married and she couldn't stay with him as a girlfriend any longer because she couldn't take his alcoholism.

As far as Loretta and Clark Gable, he was married to a woman named Maria when they had their affair. I recall a story about Loretta hiding her pregnancy, and one day, a reporter from Photoplay came to interview her. Her sisters said Loretta was sick and piled a ton of blankets on her. She did the interview lying in bed under all those blankets.

Don't take this the wrong way, but it makes me glad I'm a beer man. Again, they weren't a public couple during his lifetime. As far as the public knew then, he was a married man and Hepburn was single, and they kept making movies together. It was only after his death that it was "revealed" that they were a long-term couple, thereby giving Hepburn retroactive straight credentials.

If it was bearding, it was posthumous bearding only, a Hollywood first. Gore Vidal is aging badly. Scotty said that Dominick Dunne was going to write a book on Scotty? That seems questionable to me because he did write about the rich and famous ,but I don't think he write about something like this. R - whatever people think of Hepburn and Spencer and whether they had a genuine relationship or not the bearding stories don't make sense whatever their sexuality of both of them.

Katharine travelled a lot during the s and during that time she spent 6 months in Australia and apparently called Spencer every day - it must have cost a small fortune - nobody is that good an actor. Also the scene on the morning of Spencer's death with his wife coming into the house and finding Katharine with the body and Louise telling Katharine that she thought she was just a rumour.

I wasn't really aware of Tyrone Power before this thread but after viewing pictures and scenes of him he seems as blandly boring as George Clooney. Isn't he almost 90? Good luck if you expect to look like a hunk in your 80s and 90s! Its interesting that various people in Hollywood are attending this party for Scotty's book. Maybe its possible they may know some inside validity to Soctty's stories verses the public obviously.

BTW, I read one interview on Scotty. He said he knew Jennifer Aniston before she became famous, and in fact she rented a place from him. The author of the article said Scotty said and knows something about her that they could not publish. Is she a lesbian? I have always got that vibe that she is a closet dyke.

Many of the gossip columns state that her recent boyfriend is really bisexual. R, I have notice that too. R, that is not always the case. My aunts live in a retirement community ,and there are many, many people in their 80's and 90's who look much younger than their age. Also, they are very energetic as well.

Aging today verses years ago is changing greatly. Re Aniston, she's probably bi like half of Hollywood, then and now. I wonder when the tipping point will come and people will start to admit it? It would make everyone's lives so much easier. Vidal looks very unwell; I doubt his mind is in the greatest of shape either. I think he supports Bowers just because he likes Bowers; they were probably lovers at one time and Vidal still feels a fondness for him, so he's saying that he "never caught Scotty in a lie.

Totally disagree, didn't want to believe the book, but I do after reading it and seeing the proof out there. Think there re just a couple of posters out there probably frustrated Spencer Tracey Katherine Hepburn nuts who just don't want to accept the truth. R - you're kidding, right?

Power makes George Clooney look like Jimmy Durante. He was considered one of the most beautiful men who ever lived. Yowza - him shirtless in those white pants in The Black Swan George Clooney never looked like that. Well, let me tell you, it isn't! The real Sydney was reed thin and balding! Likewise, he claims another photo is that of notorious gay "super agent" Henry Willson, but that man in the photo bears NO resemblance to the actual Willson, who was heavyset with dark hair and was no looker.

Gore Vidal nonwithstanding, there's no proof to Scotty Bowers' veracity! What a phony!!!! IIRC, the Tyrone Power scat rumour was mentioned in the original "Hollywood Babylon" book, but was deleted before the book was published. I think it might have shown up in the French version, or something. Similarly, Laurence Olivier is alleged to have written openly about his bisexuality in his autobiography, but removed the relevant passages before publication under pressure from his children.

The only thing I find difficult to believe about this particular rumour is that someone as goodlooking, charming and talented as Larry would want to sleep with Danny Kaye of all people. I wouldn't be surprised if the gist of what Bowers writes about is true- and he himself believes to be true- but much has been embellished, misremembered or just plain made up.

The more you watch and read a lot of old Hollywood bios, the more you hear all the same old stories, always with slight variations and recalled by a different person. I just think they're all reading each others memoirs and it's screwing up with their already wandering minds.

I have never read anything about Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck's marriage, for instance, that didn't sound regurgitated from about ten other bios of varied credibility. I would really like to know what the deal was with those two. Perhaps Tyrone Power's children hated the Fred Guiles book because it made their mother out to be a demented shrew which I have always assumed she was, LOL and portrayed Annabella as an angel and the love of his life.

The romantic in me always wishes those two crazy kids could have worked it out in the end. WHAT "proof? That's just it; there is no proof. That's been mentioned many times in articles about Scotty Bowers. He has nothing to back up his claims; you just have to believe what he says or not. I don't think Scotty Bowers would know that "the truth" if it bit him on his eldergay rump.

His stories seem just that: R - you're right as far as the Guiles book. The letters they wrote one another are really something, and he did try to reconcile with her. I wish they could have worked it out too. I read Olivier's biography and I thought that he did address his bisexuality. He may have cut out some part of that, but I thought he did address it.

All the celebrities in the book are dead because he doesn't want to have his ass sued for writing lies about anyone alive. But why would a long "heterosexually" married man in that era need to beard by having a longstanding female mistress? It makes little sense to me. One would say it might be extra careful hiding in plain sight, but in that day and age it would hardly seemed necessary, his having a wife would have surely been enough.

It would appear to be something more complex. That while Tracy was bi or perhaps gay, he and Hepburn were soulmates who were committed to each other as lovers at least in spirit if not also physically, and that his gay sex life was something else entirely. Best buds. That might be why she felt the need to call him long distance every day while she was on one of her muff-diving tours.

The author is responsible for the photos and the captions, which the editor can change or move around or eliminate. I used to work at Knopf, and also wrote a book myself. As far as identification of people in photos, it's left to the author as oftentimes the editors don't know them. I remember Lauren Bacall coming to the office and seeing a photo marked "Jean Howard," and she told us it wasn't Jean Howard.

It was just the angle at which it had been taken - the author mistakenly thought it was Howard. I remember Burt Reynolds interviewing her once and she mentioned the various people she worked with straight out whether she liked them or not and why did she feel that way.

They were taught by the studios to never reveal garbage about other people in Hollywood and never speak badly about another star publicly. I think those who are left feel they still have a duty to keep this front up till the day they die. R , how is this guy supposed to give proof that he had sex with these people? Present photographs of Scotty actually having sex with them?

Have some DNA saved on the sheets he had sex with these people? Scotty is the primary source of the book, not the secondary source. There was once a letter that was written by Jackie Onaisss when she worked for Double Day up for sale on Ebay. I asked the seller if he had certificate of authenticity? R, it baffles me that Linda was a shrew to Tyrone.

She left that Greek god for Edmond Purdom?! That woman was insane! I have heard that Linda took Tyrone to the cleaners, and she was known as a gold digger. I remember Susielee said, Tyrone Power was so disgusted and angry when Linda left him. She said he just sat there so upset. However, Susielee said they both destroyed their marriage because they both had affairs on the side, and they had at least to sex orgies at their home that she was aware of.

I too agree that it would have been great if Annabella and Tyrone got back together again and lived out their lives together. You can tell there were something special between the two of them. R, my mother said when she was a kid, she remembers Tyrone Power had a statue made to look like Linda Christian and Tyrone worshiped it. She said she remembers the picture in the magazine.

Is it still around? It seems to me someone like Tyrone Power being bisexual, would have had a much easier time being accepted in the military and maneuvering in the military because bisexual people can hide, to a greater extent, that they are attracted to both sexes verses homosexuals. Tyrone was married, and he lived this straight life verses living a more questionable life.

In contrast, if he were totally homosexual, Tyrone wouldn't have stood a chance in the slightest degree. R - According to the DVD feature I saw, Linda and Tyrone posed for a statue for some artist, and I believe there was a statue of Linda nude from the waist up that was displayed in their home. I don't think he worshipped it like one worships a saint, however.

I supposed he liked it. I don't consider him a mediocre actor at all His stage work always received excellent reviews, and when he was allowed to do a decent role as in Nightmare Alley, This Above All, or some of his later roles, he was wonderful.

Thin lipped maybe, but the guy had child bearing hips, and those high waisted 50s trousers didn't help. I always think this thread is about that Howdy Doodyish-Alfred E. Neuman American Idol guy when I see the title. I've had editors mess up photo captions in magazine articles. And don't get me started on the idiots who write the headlines. Re Tyrone Power, I read an article online a couple of years ago about the beauty of his ass, citing Blood and Sand.

I cite every movie he did, Son of Fury coming to mind and also Jesse James. And boy his lips looked just fine to me. The author says that Hollywood lies about homosexuality and they lie about everything from overwhelmingly important things to pure trivial things. He claims, for example, a "long happy association" with Vivien Leigh and another, in a Variety interview, with Tyrone Power.

R, I have read many, many different things that Spencer Tracy was a major big time alcoholic ,and he was an extremely mean drunk with a horrible temper. The proof Curtis provides for this dry period is poor at best. He seems too emotionally invested in his subject: Spencer Tracy was never "completely sober" for any extended period of time, no matter what ANY biographer says or researches.

Far too many demons. He could have been sober at work, but drunk at home, which in H-Town might qualify as "sober," I guess. Some of these people trying to cover up his life remind me of cowboys who drag tumbleweed behind their horse to cover their tracks. It doesn't change the fact that they have been there!

R - its been known for some time that Tracy was a binge drinker and there were large periods of his life ie years where he didn't drink at all particularly from the mid 's. Recent biographers have had access to diaries and his medical records. Having read Bowers book I am skeptical that he would have been able to do anything sexual if he had been drinking as much whisky as Bowers claimed.

Crew of films Tracy worked on said he was a mean drunk , but when he acted in front of the camera, he could function professionally. I have known people who were bombed drunk ,but they were able to function professionally and you would never be able to tell that they were drunk.

The author says when actors who have and who are accused of being gay, they often make the statement like they are flattered that gays think that they are gay but they are not. The author said that is an obvious line closet cases use to stay in the closet. What is so interesting is in Cary Grant's daughter's book, she said her father was flattered that people thought he was gay because that meant he could get all the women he wanted who wanted to have sex with him and turn him straight?

I was saying to myself, uh oh! Cary Grant's daughter made author, David Ehrenstein's point and obviously she wasn't aware of it. Also, it is completely ludicrous and laughable that a gorgeous man with Cary Grant's looks needed to go to that extreme to get women to have sex with him. The women were probably running after him.

In Olivier's autobiography he describes experiencing a powerful sexual attraction to a man whom he knew in his 20s whom he does not identify. In context I always assumed that he was referring to his close lifelong friendship with Noel Coward which began when Olivier was still in his 20s.

Olivier claimed that he did not give in to temptation however due to his sincere religious convictions-- which sounds highly improbable-- but who knows. The authorised biography published after Olivier's death devotes an entire chapter towards Olivier's sexual relationship as a young man with an older actor whose name I cannot recall.

I have now got my hands on Scotty's book - it is surprisingly well written by the ghost writer presumably , and certainly conjures up that vanished world of Hollywood in the 40s when attractive young marines could certainly go places and be things. But Walter Pidgeon - who knew?

Today The Guardian has posted a review of the book - see link below. What drew my attention was the trashing reader comment by one "Suspira44" - a comment that's been pasted elsewhere on the Web. So who the fuck is Suspira44? Google it and it turns up a slew of entries. Seems Suspira is a mad General Hospital fan and has an entire Twitter stream devoted to it. One Google entry in particular drew my attention: Suspira44's photostream on Flickr.

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Marilyn Monroe:

I guess they took it off. Here's a picture from him from back in the day, and he's OK but nothing to write home about. Toy Caldwell, whose picture still adorns the wall behind the main bar, was as good a friend of the bar as anyone from l till his death is February of l at the age of Mayall first came with two smoking guitarists, Walter Trout and Coco Montoya, both of whom would have their own runs here with their own bands in later years.

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