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She is one of many "smart" AIs, and is based on the brain of Dr. The noise of the shot naturally aroused the inmates of the house and Lieutenant-Colonel Keyes, appreciating that speed was now of the utmost importance, posted the N. Though he survived, the Ur-Didact's sanity and morality was severely shaken by this encounter. His daughter is Miranda Keyes. It was introduced during the events of Halo 2 , where the creature saves both the Master Chief and Arbiter from their deaths, bringing the two face to face in the bowels of Delta Halo.

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Halsey ; the nature of her programming means that she will eventually "think" herself to death after a lifespan of about seven years. Combat Evolved help prevent the activation of Installation First Strike. She subsequently falls into the clutches of the Gravemind.

After narrowly escaping from Halo's destructive blast, she and the Master Chief are stranded in space, awaiting rescue. Cortana is hampered by her advanced state of rampancy, a state where an AI literally thinks itself to death. Cortana's rampancy hampers the mission at times, but Cortana aids the Master Chief one last time in stopping the Didact and saving the Earth. Though most of Cortana is destroyed with the Didact's ship, Cortana is able to use the last of her power to shield the Master Chief from a nuclear blast with a hardlight bubble.

Forming a life-size hardlight hologram of herself, Cortana says a final goodbye to the Master Chief and touches him for the first time before fading away. In Halo 5: Guardians , it is revealed that she had survived this, and fallen into an ancient Forerunner network known as The Domain. Here she met a Forerunner AI called the Warden Eternal , who believed Cortana to be the true holder of the mantle of responsibility.

Using the Domain to cure her rampancy, she began to bring the eponymous Guardians , ancient Forerunner bird like structures, online; which she intends to use to force planets into compliance and usher in a new age of galactic peace. Cortana was named the fifth best supporting character, [23] and one of the "50 Greatest Female Characters" [24] in a video game. Reviewers noted the character's determination and fearlessness meshed perfectly with the Master Chief, [24] and that Cortana provides an anchor linking players to Halo ' s story.

The character is voiced by David Scully. Johnson and a few other Marines survive the destruction of Installation 04 and are rescued by Cortana and the Master Chief during the novel Halo: Johnson plays a much larger role in Halo 2 , joining forces with the Arbiter to stop Tartarus from activating Installation At this portion, Johnson states "When I joined the Corps, we didn't have no fancy-schmanzy tanks.

We had two sticks, and a rock for the whole platoon - and we had to share the rock," implying that Johnson joined during the Stone Age. In Halo 3: Combat Evolved , and a main character in the novel Halo: Contact Harvest. Johnson later appears as a main character in Halo: Taking place about a year after Contact Harvest , Johnson is recruited to be a part of a strike force launching a counterattack behind enemy lines to buy humanity some time.

Johnson is recruited both for his experience with the Covenant and his Spartan training and acts as a mentor and friend to the young Master Chief, becoming one of the few people the Spartans trust implicitly on the mission where insurrectionists are trying to destroy them and they can't be sure of who to trust. Though nearly killed during the last part of the mission, Johnson foils a final attempt by the insurrectionists to betray the task force to the Covenant.

In many ways similar to the stereotype of charismatic black Marines found in other science fiction such as Sergeant Apone in Aliens whom Johnson was partially based on , [28] some publications found Johnson, though enjoyable, somewhat of a flat character. In an interview for Halo: Combat Evolved , and that despite the character's potential, "he sort of inherited those caricature aspects [from Halo ].

Reach , Halo: Combat Evolved , its novelization, Halo: The Flood , Halo: The Cole Protocol , and Halo: The Fall of Reach. His first chronological appearance is in The Fall of Reach , where, as a young Lieutenant, he accompanies Dr. There, Keyes leads a guerrilla insurgency against the Covenant, until he is captured and assimilated by the parasitic Flood.

After being found by the Master Chief in his assimilated state, the Master Chief sadly ends Keyes' suffering by punching into his skull to retrieve Keyes' neural implants in order to destroy the Pillar of Autumn. His daughter is Miranda Keyes. Commander Miranda Keyes is the daughter of Jacob Keyes and Catherine Halsey , whom she lived with in her younger years.

Halsey and Miranda had a falling out in which she changed her last name then Halsey to her father's name Keyes. Miranda appears in Halo 2 , Halo 3 and in the final chapter of Halo: The Cole Protocol.

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At the beginning of Halo 2 , Keyes is present at an awards ceremony on board the Cairo defense platform above Earth to accept a medal posthumously for her father.

Keyes, along with Johnson and a squad of Marines, head for Halo's library in order to retrieve the Activation Index and prevent the ring's activation while the Master Chief assassinates the Prophet of Regret; in the process, she and Johnson are captured by the Brute Chieftain Tartarus. As a "Reclaimer," only she or another human can insert the Index into Halo's control panel, and Tartarus attempts to make her do this.

When the Arbiter tries to stop the firing, Tartarus forces Keyes to insert the Index, initiating Halo's firing sequence. After the Arbiter engages and kills Tartarus, Keyes successfully removes the Index and prevents Halo from activating, but inadvertently causes all the remaining Halo installations to enter standby mode, enabling the remote firing of these installations from The Ark.

When Sergeant Johnson is captured by the Covenant to activate the installation, she attempts to rescue him, but is killed when Truth shoots her in the back with a Brute Spiker. Miranda Keyes was voiced by Julie Benz in Halo 2 , but Bungie recast the role for Halo 3 , ostensibly because they wanted someone with an accent.

She appears in the books Halo: The Fall of Reach , Halo: First Strike , Halo: Ghosts of Onyx , and Halo: Reach and Halo 4. In the fiction, a flash clone of her brain tissue is the basis for the construction of the "smart" AI Cortana. Sergeant Johnson , however, unknowingly causes Halsey to rethink her position, and she decides to "save each and every member of humanity beginning with herself" during Halo: She and the Spartans are later freed from Onyx, but Halsey is arrested for "committing acts likely to aid the enemy" by kidnapping Kelly and telling Lord Hood to send more Spartans to Onyx.

She is voiced by Jen Taylor in Halo: Reach , Halo 4 , and Halo 5: Taylor also provides motion-capture performance for Halsey in Halo 4 and Halo 5. He has seen many years of service and has survived several battles with the Covenant. Such is his influence that he dominates the Security Committee and can talk down most higher-ranking officers without fear of reprisal.

In Halo: However, Cortana retaliates by forging a letter requesting a reassignment to the front lines as well as planting evidence of illicit activities in his bank records. First Strike , it is revealed that Ackerson manages to weasel his way out of Cortana's mess, [45] In the limited comic series Halo: Uprising Ackerson falls into the hands of Covenant orbiting Mars and is slated to die before Ackerson tells his interrogator about a "key" to Earth.

After the Brutes holding Ackerson prisoner are informed that no such key exists, Ackerson is beheaded. He provides his trainees with excellent weapons and physical lessons, as well as tactical and mental training. He is not very talkative, but possesses a brilliant mind for warfare, and this is reflected in the Master Chief's abilities.

He is described as neither tall nor muscular, with close-cut hair that has a dash of gray at the temples. He greatly respects the Spartans, not only because of their record, but because they have saved his life on two occasions. Ghosts of Onyx , Hood receives an urgent message by Dr. Halsey requesting for him to send Spartans to assist her, and obliges by ordering Fred, Will, and Linda to Onyx.

He accepts the need for humanity to ally with the Elites, but is not entirely happy about it. He leads the remaining human naval forces in an attack on the Prophet of Truth's dreadnought, [51] but the attack fails when the Forerunner artifact under New Mombasa activates, creating a portal to the Ark. When the Master Chief, Keyes, and several Elite and human forces choose to follow the Prophet of Truth through the portal, he decides to stay behind to make a final stand on Earth.

Private First Class Wallace A. Contact Harvest reveals that the Marine was a member of the colony Harvest's defense militia, where his family is killed. The Flood , Jenkins assists in defending the human stronghold under the command of Major Antonio Silva.

The team is overwhelmed by the Flood , leaving the entire squad except Sergeant Johnson infected and resulting in the eventual death of Captain Keyes. In the video game, the Master Chief recovers Jenkins' helmet, and reviews the recording of the mission that it contained, introducing the Flood to the player through the Marine's eyes.

Combat Evolved , the fate of the Marine is left unknown. The Flood reveals the fate of Jenkins; the Private is transformed into a Flood Combat Form along with the rest of his squad, but he is able to exercise a certain degree of control over the infection, due to the mind of the parasite being weakened by its long hibernation.

Jenkins successfully convinces Lieutenant Melissa McKay, that such a mission would spread the Flood to Earth, and Jenkins dies with the other human troops on the vessel as it crashed into Halo. Forge is often assigned to guard Professor Ellen Anders on missions to his exasperation and leads various missions against the Covenant. When Anders is kidnapped by the Arbiter , Forge attempts to stop the Elite warrior, but is defeated and only spared by Anders offering to go with the Arbiter in exchange for Forge's life.

When the Spirit of Fire tracks Anders to a Forerunner planet in uncharted space, Forge leads the effort to rescue her. After Anders manages to use a teleporter to escape her captors, Forge saves her from three Flood infection forms and sends Anders back to the ship where she reveals the Covenant's plan to unleash a massive Forerunner fleet upon humanity.

When a plan is formed to destroy the planet by using the Spirit of Fire's Slipspace reactor to cause the internal sun to go supernova , Forge leads the mission and comes up against the Arbiter again. Though greatly outmatched, Forge manages to trick the Arbiter and severely wound him with Forge's combat knife before Forge kills the Arbiter with one of the Arbiter's own energy swords.

As the reactor has been damaged in the fight, Forge volunteers for the suicide mission of manually detonating the reactor in the sun. Once he receives confirmation that the Spirit of Fire is escaping, Forge detonates the reactor, triggering the supernova and destroying the planet and the Forerunner fleet.

In the novels Halo: Smoke and Shadow and Halo: Renegades , Forge is revealed to have a daughter, Lucy "Rion" Forge who works as a salvager. Rion is driven to find her father and the long-missing Spirit of Fire and receives footage of Forge on the shield world from Little Bit, a fragment of the planet's AI.

Spark provides Rion with a message Forge recorded for her before sacrificing himself. He made his debut in his origin web series Halo 4: In Halo 4 , Lasky serves as Infinity's first officer but was later promoted to Captain after his superior had ignored Chief's warnings and abandoned him on Requiem.

He returns in Halo 5: Lasky is currently voiced by Darren O'Hare. While John, also known as the Master Chief, is the hero of the trilogy, other soldiers play a significant role in the novels, Halo Legends , and the prequel games Halo Wars and Halo: The Spartans become heroes and veritable legends; in order to maintain public confidence that the war is going well, Spartans are never listed as killed, only as Missing in Action or Wounded in Action.

The physical augmentation they undergo to turn them into super soldiers is lengthy, expensive, and strenuous, with not all of them surviving the process. After being recruited into the UNSC, the Spartans' last name are disposed of; their callsign is simply their first name, and a corresponding 3-digit figure for example, Alice, Douglas etc.

Some of these Spartans were main protagonists in the game Halo: These Spartans participate in war games on the starship Infinity , which forms the fictional basis for Halo 4 ' s multiplayer. The Mark V armor from Halo: Combat Evolved was ranked third of Casualty Gamer's "Top 10 Bodysuits," with the author commenting "It's one of the most recognizable symbols from any game, and is literally the image of the franchise's legendary hero, Master Chief.

The suit is functional and its capabilities were inspired by those present in the video games versions of the armor. The armor's features include a system that purifies air, powered by solar panels located in the helmet, equipment for weapon transportation, a recording system, emergency illumination, and a transponder that can be activated if the wearer is in serious jeopardy.

She appears in Halo 4 , Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: Spartan Assault and is voiced by Jennifer Hale. He intentionally sabotages or turns down positions so he can remain a squad leader. New Blood. By Halo 5: Guardians , Buck is a member of Fireteam Osiris, making him a playable character in the multiplayer campaign. Buck also appears as the name of a voice variant in Halo: Reach and as an announcer in Halo 5: Bad Blood , Buck reforms Alpha-Nine in the wake of the Created conflict and reunites with his former squad mate and friend Mickey Crespo who had betrayed him to the Insurrectionists in Halo: At the end of the novel, Buck's long time girlfriend Veronica Dare essentially dares Buck to marry her.

Mike Colter portrays Locke in both Anniversary and the Nightfall origin movie, and only provided the motion-capture performance for the character in Guardians. High Prophets, or Hierarchs, are the supreme leaders of the theocratic Covenant. Upon assuming office, each Hierarch picks a new regnal name from a list of names of former Hierarchs, similar to the practice of some Orthodox Patriarchs.

The novel Halo: Contact Harvest reveals that these three Prophets, originally known as the Minister of Fortitude, the Vice-Minister of Tranquility, and the Philologist, [65] plotted to usurp the throne of the Hierarchs; in the process, they hide the truth that humanity is descended from the Covenant gods, the Forerunners, believing that the revelation could shatter the Covenant.

There, he calls for reinforcements, but is killed by the Master Chief. Later, Mercy is attacked by the Flood on High Charity ; Truth could have saved him, but left him to die so he could have full control over the Covenant. In Halo 3 , Truth also meets his demise at the hands of the Arbiter when the Prophet attempts to activate all the Halo rings from the Ark. His death become the culmination of the Covenant's downfall.

According to The Art of Halo , the Prophets were designed to look feeble, yet sinister. Special headdresses, stylized differently for each of the Hierarchs, adds personality to the aliens and a regal presence. The Arbiter is a rank given to special Covenant Elite soldiers who undertake suicidal missions on behalf of the Hierarchs to gain honor upon their death.

They are revered amongst the Covenant for their bravery and skills. It was under his watch that Installation 04 was destroyed in Halo: Rather than killing him, the Prophets allow the Commander to become the Arbiter, and to carry on his missions as the "Blade of the Prophets. Some of his backstory is featured in Halo: The events sow the seeds of doubt in the future Arbiter's mind about the Prophets and their plans.

This particular Arbiter is voiced by Keith David. Originally to be named " Dervish ," [69] the Arbiter was a playable character intended to be a major plot twist by Bungie. In Halo Wars , set 20 years before Halo: Combat Evolved , a second Arbiter is shown, possibly as the last to wear the armor before the more recognized character.

He is described as a "mean guy," lead designer David Pottinger comparing him to Darth Vader. Working directly under the Prophet of Regret, he is assigned to lead the destruction of humanity and investigates a structure on the planet Harvest where his attempt to destroy it is foiled by forces led by Sergeant John Forge.

He is later ordered by the Prophet of Regret to kidnap Professor Ellen Anders to activate a massive Forerunner fleet on a shield world. He comes into direct conflict with Forge twice, once when the Arbiter kidnaps Anders and a second time when Forge and a team of Spartans attempt to destroy the Forerunner planet and the fleet.

After a brutal fight, the Arbiter nearly kills Forge who tricks the warrior before seriously wounding him with Forge's combat knife. Forge kills the Arbiter with one of his own energy swords and a Spartan rolls the Arbiter's body off of a cliff. Like the more well-known Arbiter, his history is somewhat explored in the expanded canon which reveals him to be a disgraced warrior named Ripa 'Moramee who was spared from execution by the Prophet of Regret and made into an Arbiter due to his ruthlessness and likelihood not to question his mission.

This particular Arbiter is voiced by David Sobolov. Making his debut in Halo 2 , Special Ops Commander Rtas 'Vadum is never named in the game itself, leading to the unofficial nickname of "Half-Jaw" by fans, [75] due to the missing mandibles on the left side of his face. The character is voiced by Robert Davi. He carries the Covenant rank of Shipmaster.

The Last Voyage of the Infinite Succor explains how he loses his left mandibles; he is injured after fighting one of his friends, who was infected by the Flood. Along with the Arbiter, 'Vadum leaves Earth to return to the Elite's homeworld with the end of the war. Rtas 'Vadum is known for being a quick, smart, and ingenious tactician and an unparalleled fighter, especially with an Energy Sword and is an excellent leader.

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  • He is not very talkative, but possesses a brilliant mind for warfare, and this is reflected in the Master Chief's abilities.
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  • By Halo 3 , Bungie staff had a special room designed for capturing reference material.
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  • Author Michael Asher has pointed out that Keyes' VC citation was written by an officer who was not an eye-witness Robert Laycock , and is at odds with the accounts of the survivors of the raid, and with German accounts; according to Asher, there is scarcely any statement in the citation that is verifiably true.
  • Designs for Tartarus began after the basic shape and design of the common Brutes was complete.
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