Lost My Virginity To My Dog

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I looked into the mirror at myself and grinned. He was sitting down, watching me as I wrapped a towl around myself. So I took his limp cock and put it in my mouth. A girlfriend told me she masturbated, and told me how to do it. It just kept coming out, like there were gallons of it inside.

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Sorry im a guy and the first girl I ever fucked was a Boston territory dog. I watched my sister let our dog lick her she was 13 at the time. I have a three year old half Black Lab and the other half a Artic Wolf. Quite a combination and he weighs about lbs and me I am small 96 lbs and stand 4'11". As it started out he was licking me inserting his toung deep into my puss every now and then and he'd bring me to many climaxes that was, just about daily after getting out of the shower if he was any where inside the house at the time.

We slept together and he was definitely my lover since he got me the first time. For months I wouldn't let him tie with me, I knew of his knot and seen ot many times but one day he started in fucking me missionary and he got himself deep into me and his knot started in swelling and he took hold of my hips and pulled himself tight into me and I told him NO and tried to get away but he held onto me and his knot continued to swell as he started in pumping his seamen into me and I was his.

God his hot seamen got to me and I layed there trying to relax and let his knot grow till it started in hurting a bit but what hurt the most was his cock grew continually and I swear he entered my cervix as he still was making me his bitch. I must have cum on him half a dozen times and still he continued to pump his seamen into me and my belly actually swelled and I could feel his cock in me when I pressed on my belly and I couldn't believe he had that much in me.

What seemed like hours was actually only 53 minutes he tried to get up but I held onto him for I didn't want him to pull from me for that would have hurt like hell and I kept him in me and he kept trying to get off me and I held onto him for another half a hour and I felt his knot subsiding in size so I let him slide out a bit till he was right at the insides of my vagina and he started in fucking me wildly again and I remained stuck on him for nearly 2 hours and I had to get him off of me for mom and dad would be home soon and I was stuck and I began to panic and I tried to get him off of me and with a big plop his knot came out and I.

Screamed a bit and when he pulled his cock from me I saw the most beautiful sight his 8 inch thick cock still pumping sperm in squirt falling onto the floor as his cock bounced against his belly and his cum litterly flowed from me for a good five minutes as I layed there utterly exhausted and Tuka went to the corner of my room and began to clean himself up and I thought to myself what about me and when I stood to go to my bathroom I could barely walk and I had to hang onto every thing in my room to keep from falling, my legs just didn't want to do what I wanted them to do finally I sat on the toilet pushing more and more of his cum from me and finally just in time I got sweat bottoms on and a T shirt just as mom hollered for me to come down.

I know I watched a gallon it seemed like run out of my gf r after her boxer knotted and filled her pussy. Most amazing site to see. She was dripping. We have a Rottweiler. We got him as puppy and at home we are mostly scantily dressed or in the nude. When he was about 1 he started sniffing my wifes pubes.

She first pushed him away but I said she should let him. So on evenings when he had time to relax we sat on the sofa watching TV, my wife took off her knickers and the dog was lapping away at her pussy and at first my wife just said that she loved the feeling but then she had a climax every time it happened.

This progressed and about a year later it was the first time that I helped the dog to penetrate her. My wife said that the feeling was incredible and she had a mind-shattering orgasm. We had the dog for another 14 years and as we always were open about I told her that I really loved seeing her doing this and she confirmed what I suspected that she would want to be without it.

It became part of our regular sex life. Sadly the dog died 3 years ago. Leviticus And a woman must not offer herself to a male animal to have intercourse with it. This is a perverse act. John 3: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Good wishes.

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You realize that Jesus died on the cross for all of us and the old testament became null and void upon His death by crucifixion?

In fact, that very information is available to you in the same New Testament inside which you'll never locate that lil condemnation of homosexuality you probably reach for regularly. Sexual immorality is mentioned a couple times, though. I wouldn't consider a victomless act detestable when the animal has a ball The old testament is a collection of information concerning our ancient history and a very detailed "howto" for being a decent human being but the New Testament clearly states that the old is out.

I'm not saying these desires are normal or "good" but we are what we are. Repent, judge not, keep your nose from turning up from different lifestyles and your eyes set on that ever broadening horizon. If the dog loves the attention and the human loves the that knot, no one is being forced to witness the offence and there are no injuries. Seems to be all's fine and fine and dandy.

Have a blessed and truly enlightened day. Here's a thought There are FAR worse things than Christianity in this world and you were gifted free will so use it to help yourself crawl from the depths of your mental retardation. I guess it'd be great if realized you only hate Christianity as a result of very well planned programming techniques.

Now come back at me with nothing but rude insults based somewhere out in left field and completely void of a real point, Be the good lil sheeple I know you were raised to be. You're lucky you aren't allergic to this shit. I read where a woman died of anaphalactic shock after doing a dog. She was apparently allergic to the semen. Get a human lover. Your story is bullshit anyway.

You're the one who goes around calling bullshit on all the things that turn you on. Does it make you feel better about yourself to call bullshit all the time? Do you take pride in having no idea what you're talking about or are you calling bullshit on specific confessions hoping someone will eventually offer you proof? Of course, it was very sore, but it felt much bigger now.

The lips around my vagina were swollen and thick, and felt so foreign to me. It felt stretched out and very large! The change in my body stunned me! There was still some light blood and some soreness, but there was also a warm, unusual feeling deep within my stomach. I felt a hot, slightly slimy substance coming out of my vagina, and it made me feel tingly all over my body.

I felt hot and sexy. Even my nipples were hard! I realized that I was sexually aroused thinking about how my dog raped me and how he violently took away my virginity! I was confused and ashamed. I felt dirty and used. My mother came out of the house with my brother and sister, and she told me she was going grocery shopping.

Since I was already in the pool, she said I could stay home instead of going along with her to help. I practically ran down the stairs, calling for Denver, who was now napping on his dog bed. He eagerly ran to me, and started to try to mount my shoulder. I slipped my bathing suit bottoms off and sat down on a small piece of carpet in front of the washing machine and dryer and opened my legs wide.

In a split second, Denver sniffed between my legs, and licked me from butthole to clit in one long lap. I remember never feeling anything that good before!! I leaned back onto the front of the washing machine and opened my legs wide to Denver so he could have at me.

He licked my asshole, my wet cunt, and over my clit again and again. The feeling was so amazing, I got wetter and wetter and the tingling feeling in my stomach got stronger! I put my hands down to my crotch, pulling my vagina lips apart to give Denver all the room he needed to keep licking me.

I couldn't believe how good it felt, and how wet I was, and soon I started to feel that tingle in my stomach grow, as I got hotter and hotter! His large wet tongue was slightly rough, but it was much more muscular than a human tongue. He licked my cunt hole, folding up his tongue somehow and shoving it deep inside.

He lapped the inside walls of my vagina, making me squirm. Denver snorted as his nose pushed against my clit, and his tongue was now doing gymnastics inside of my vagina. Meet an Escort in Istanbul during Your Travel If you really want to be with a sexy woman who would make your jaw drop with her sexy body, then you should an escort in Istanbul.

I just pulled my vagina lips as far apart as possible, so Denver could do whatever he wanted to me. Soon I exploded, cumming and cumming in spurts! I never felt so good in my life! Wave after wave of this wonderful and warm feeling kept rolling through my lower body, and Denver was there to lap up every single drop, taking me even farther into this newfound bliss called Orgasm.

It felt so amazing, yet my body was tingling and numb all over. Just replaying everything over again in my mind made me start to get horny once more! With that wicked thought in my mind, I smiled and kissed Denver on his soaking wet nose. As I inserted my finger into my vagina for the second time in my life, I kept reminding myself I was no longer a virgin, and somehow, it started to turn me on more.

I realized that two, then three fingers could now fit inside of my cunt easily! And sliding them in and out, faster and faster, felt wonderful. I reached forward, and tentatively touched his furry sheath. Already, about three inches of his red doggy dick was protruding from it. It felt hot and slippery, and when I ran my finger along its length, another three or four inches of his penis suddenly popped out.

He started to hump his hips forward again, ready to go another round. This time, I was ready for him. He paced back and forth around my raised knees, looking for my ass so he could mount me again. I sat up, and pulled him in-between my legs, and grabbed his dick with one hand, and spread my cunt lips with the other, directing Denver to enter my vagina.

He put his paws onto my shoulders and with one massive thrust forward; he tore into my cunt again. He was rough, and he never paused or became distracted. He stared straight ahead of him and acted like nobody mattered but his hard, massive cock and getting sexual relief. His dick felt larger this time. It actually felt like it was getting wider and fatter and longer somehow.

It felt so hot inside of me; I was growing even hornier with the constant hammering of his hot thick dick inside of me. The scent of sex was in the air, and just thinking about the taboo way of losing my virginity to a dog was making me even wetter. I started to feel that warm feeling growing deep inside of my belly, like I was going to cum.

I started to relax even more, and this allowed me to enjoy the steady deep thrusts of the huge dog cock inside my cunt even more! This allowed him to push his massive dick even deeper into me. He now filled me completely. I felt his hairy belly rubbing against my stomach, and felt him bouncing against my ass cheeks.

I put my hands onto his thighs, and felt the muscles ripple as he thumped and pushed his dick in and out of me faster and faster! Denver had strength in his pelvis no human male could ever match. His motions were strong, jerky, fast and rough, yet stimulating and forceful.

That is a trait dogs DO share with human males. Suddenly, I felt something strange going on inside of me. There was a little bit of cramping, then a push, and a little pain. His paws gripped my shoulders harder, pulling me down lower onto his penis forcing the tip to push even deeper inside.

He growled at me, his large teeth just inches from my face! He was not going to let me get away from his thrusting dick again! Whatever was going on inside of my body, I was not going to be able to stop it from happening. It was those testicle things — his knot! It was trying to push itself inside of my cunt so we would be tied together!

My cunt hole felt stretched very wide, and the pain and pressure was unimaginable! I thought losing my virginity was painful — but this was simply intolerable! In a second, it was over! The knot had been pushed into my vagina, and it felt like it was actually inflating inside of my cunt!

We were now locked together, tied as one, while Denver took his last few pumps into my vagina. As he came, I felt filled so deeply inside of my body with a surprisingly hot, large amount of dog sperm. He came and came, filling my womb and my vagina with his cum until it began to leak out around his dick from my cunt hole.

He released his grip on my shoulders and straddled my chest with one paw on either side of my body on the floor. I got up onto my elbows and tried to make him get off me, but again, he growled at me. I looked down between us, and saw we were stuck together! After about a minute or so of unfruitful attempts to anchor his cock inside my cunt, Bruce finally hit home.

I was just starting to get calm, thinking to myself that this can't last forever as I felt something rip inside me. He had finally found the right angle to thrust from, and was now hammering his cock into my poor pussy. I screamed in pain, squirming beneath him, trying harder now than ever to get out from beneath him, but just as I started to finally pull away, teeth sank into my shoulder.

I froze again, crying out in pain. His grip on my shoulder lessened once he realized he had gotten his point across. As long as I stayed still, he wouldn't hurt me. Hurt me more than he was now, anyway. His cock tore through me, and I'm sure my virgin cunt felt great to him. He had to be about two inches thick, and there was a good 6 inches already inside of me.

I was wimpering at this point, trying to overcome the pain. I forced myself to think of other things; anything that could get my mind off this pain would be fine. I could hear Bruce's panting above me, slobber running off his tongue and all over my shoulder. I was still squirming under him, and tried thinking of more pleasurable things Like when Bruce had run his tongue over my pussy.

Looking back, I'd have gladly let him keep licking if it would save me from this pain. I imagined a different senario, this time instead of me swatting his nose away, I'd have spread my legs like I had wanted to, letting him lick from my ass to my clit. I imagined his rough tongue lapping against my clit, the feeling it would have if he licked inside me. I'd have leaned my head back and moaned, letting him lick every inch inside my wet pussy.

That's when I flashed back to reality and realized that this was starting to feel good. Most of the pain was gone; it was more of a dull ache now. I bit my lip, thinking of how wrong this was How screwed up I must be to actually start to enjoy this. That's when I lowered my head, finally fully submitting myself to him.

I pushed my hips back against him, trying to time my movements with his. His dick felt warm inside my tight cunt, and I could feel precum oozing out of him inside me. That, and I could feel my juices dripping down the inside of my thighs. I spread my legs wider, moaning now. As I relaxed myself, I could feel that more of his shaft was entering me.

He was finally loosening me up enough to fit the majority of his cock. I enjoyed it, pushing my ass up higher, letting my dog make me his bitch. I could feel myself on the verge of an orgasm, and I let it wash over me. I groaned, the noise sounding like some kind of snarl, and Bruce responded with his own low growl and started humping with new enthusiasm.

I orgasmed not once, but three times like this, with Bruce pounding his hard member into me. After my lastest orgasm, I felt something hard starting to hit my opening. I had felt it before I climaxed, but didn't think much of the pain. Now I felt it again-something hard, and very large hitting into me every time he thrust. I knew what it was It was his knot. He was trying to force his knot inside me.

I began to struggle again for a moment, knowing that if he were successful that I would be in pain again. But I stopped myself, knowing that after the pain subsides, there is pleasure. And now after having Bruce fucking me like this for a while, I was starting to really enjoy knowing that I was his bitch. I wanted him to use me-I wanted him to fill me with his seed.

His precum was already doing a decent job; I could feel his hot juices flowing inside me. I wanted to feel him shoot his load inside me; I wanted all of him inside me. As I stopped struggling, I started pushing back against him once more. With every thrust, the pain grew. His knot was hitting me over and over again.

I wimpered again, wondering just how big it was when finally, with one powerful thrust, his knot entered me. I screamed out again, unable to help myself. I felt torn in half by the massive buldge in his shaft, but the thought of me now being tied to my own dog helped me get through the pain. And soon enough, I was enjoying it again.

I climaxed again, this time more powerful than ever, my pussy clutching his shaft with my culvultions. I felt him speed up just then, and finally unload inside me. I buried my face in my hands, moaning loudly as I felt stream after stream of his come shoot inside my pussy. Not a drop of it managed to escape, however. That was how tight a fit his knot was in my cunt.

We stayed like that for some time, his knot in my abused cunt, my head in my hands as I slowly still rocked back and forth against him, sure to milk out every drop of his seed. After a few minutes, he started to pull away, and I lifted my head to see Buck sitting there, his dick hard and well out of its sheath as he stuck his nose between my legs, licking at my pussy and at Bruce's cock as he finally pulled it from me.

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Any body who is a prude don't read on. Denver felt so large, powerful and hard inside of me. He quit licking and before I could turn around to figure out what was going on he was on top of me, on top of the stump. I panicked when I saw the quantity of the cum underneath me, and inside of me! After my lastest orgasm, I felt something hard starting to hit my opening. He had grey hair around it in coarse manner and hairy balls. I pushed my shorts and panties down and bent down to take them off my feet and I felt a cold, wet nose in my pussy. This was the first time,I could feel the size of his cock.

I lost my virginity to my dog:

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He liked to growl and snap at people, especially at me for some reason. Remind password.

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